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House For Sale Vetrino
Вид недвижимости Къщи / Вили
Тип объявления Продажа
Номер объявления 5978
Риболовен водоем
Селски имоти
Район Вертино
Страна България
Цена евро 18000 
Построенная площь 160 sqm
Размер 860 sqm
Спальни 3
Сколко 2
этап Partly Renovated
Разстояние от
аэропорт 35Km Varna
Море 40Km
электричество Yes
Вода Yes
канализация Yes





The village is located in Varna District (North-East Bulgaria) and is municipal center of Vetrino Municipality. It is at distance of 45km from the district centres Varna and Shumen. The region is agricultural. The environment is well preserved and clean. No industrial pollutions have been detected. Rural tourism is being developed. Five micro-dam lakes have been constructed on the territory of the Municipality. Mildest climate, long and warm summer, closeness to Varna constantly increasing number of the people who are looking for villa or second home in the region.

On offer for sale is a sympathetic partly-renovated house located in a picturesque village close to Provadiya. The rural property is designed in traditional Bulgarian style. The area provides developed infrastructure and a variety of local amenities such as shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The house is built over two floors and benefits from a living area of 160sq.m. The property has been recently partly-renovated but still needs the final touch. Therefore it is perfect if you want to finish it the way you like. The ground floor is not yet refurbished and could be used as storage or could be converted into additional living space, having two more bedrooms with kitchen and dining room. The house has two separate entrances.

The house consists of:
Ground floor:

Three spacious rooms

First floor:
2 Bedrooms
Living room
Dining room
2 Bathrooms with WC

Outside there is:
Garden 860sq.m.

Nearest Towns and Villages:
Sredno Selo 2km
Momchilovo 5km
Iskar 8km
Gabarnitsa 9km

Nearest 100 National Objects:
Muzeum of Mosaics 15km
Archaeological Reserve 25km
Archaeological Reserve 25km

Nearest Points of Interest:
Roman Town Marcianopolis 15km
Petrich Fortress 23km
Rock Formation Pobiti kamani 24km
Great Basilika in Firts Bulgarian Capital Pliska 25km
Archaeological Reserve 25km

Nearest Churches and Monasteries:
Sveto Vaznesenie Gospodne Church 12km
Mosque 12km
St. Arhangel Mihail Church 13km
Sveto Blagoveshtenie Church 15km
St. Tsar Boris Mihail Church 26km

Nearest Lakes:
Lake Cherkovna 18km
Lake Gen. Kiselovo 19km
Lake Nikolaevka 21km
Lake Snezhina 21km
Lake Novi pazar-1 22km




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